Coaching for worship ministries

Helping worship leaders, musicians and technicians take their ministry from good to great.

Phil Le Cheminant is a worship pastor and an experienced multi-instrumentalist with a loving, pastoral approach to leadership.

For over two decades, Phil has worked in various teams in a consultative role to church worship teams and engineers in the UK and further afield. His expertise on the platform and behind the scenes gives him empathy to draw together vital team members with often differing sensibilities.

Phil has an extraordinary combination of “left-brain” creativity, along with a logical, “right-brain” ability to implement systems that allow teams to function well.

Phil has a great aptitude for communicating effectively. He knows how to ask good questions, and places great emphasis on understanding others. He has a disposition towards identifying and pulling out the 'treasure' in people.

Phil spent around 14 years working in a number of disciplines in the field of media/marketing, with skills in web design and development, video production and print design, interspersed with opportunities to work as a music composer, producer and arranger in the UK worship music scene, working on a number of popular commercial releases.

His passion for worship led to a desire to work full time in ministry, which was realised in 2014 when he moved from the UK to Jersey, Channel Islands to take up the Worship Pastor position at Freedom Church, a lively, multi-campus church of around 350-400 members.

Phil is the keyboard player in the Christian rock band Crossbeam, who have been fortunate to play at major Christian festivals in the UK, Germany and central Europe.