Coaching for worship ministries

Helping worship leaders, musicians and technicians take their ministry from good to great.

Services to help your worship ministry grow stronger and healthier


Team training

  • Musicianship
  • Team dynamics
  • Biblical foundations


Leadership training

  • Training up others
  • Implementing systems
  • Identifying our calling


Technical training

  • Practical skills
  • The role of the engineer
  • Working with the team

Phil Le Cheminant is a worship pastor and an experienced multi-instrumentalist with a loving, pastoral approach to leadership.

For over two decades, Phil has worked with various teams in a consultative role to church worship groups and engineers in the UK and further afield.

His expertise on the platform and behind the scenes gives him empathy to draw together vital team members with often differing sensibilities.


Phil led a worship training session for our worship ministry team at St. Paul's Church. We were hugely blessed by not only his extensive knowledge of performance technique and technical know-how, but also the sensitive way in which he delivered advice and developed our understanding of our responsibilities towards our congregations as worship leaders. We certainly all left the session feeling empowered and excited about refreshing our approach to music in worship.
Peter and Frances Brooks St Paul's Church, Jersey

Are you struggling with lack of systems in your worship band?

Are you a worship leader looking to grow a successful worship ministry? Do you have difficulty juggling rotas, song lists, chord charts, and recruiting & training team members, and want to make more time to actually plan ahead? Book a free, confidential 30-minute consultation with me and we’ll chat through the specific issues you face in your worship ministry – and potential solutions.

After our consultation, you will…

  • Be able to pinpoint essential systems for a successful ministry
  • Have well-defined expectations to articulate to your team members
  • Have clear, identifiable next steps to address a frustrating problem area

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